In-Content School Listings

If you have a content rich site, In-Content Listings are a great way to natively feature highly targeted schools and programs within that content. Highlight the right program on every page and see your conversion rate grow.

Granular targeting

Use a simple code snippet to display hyper targeted programs on a page by page level

Design customization

Customize the look of the featured listings to match your site

Dynamically updated

Programs are automatically updated to ensure the best fit

How does it work?

After identifying the pages where you'd like to place in-content school listings, we will provide a simple to implement code snippet. You'll place the snippet on your page where you'd like the listings to appear and design surrounding elements to match your site.

If a school caps during the month, our system automatically displays a different school from the same area of interest. This creates a seamless experience for your visitors and ensures maximum conversion rate.

Send us pages where you'd like to display in-content school listings

Place the snippet we send back and design to match your site.

Watch for leads!

Find out how we can work together

We have thousands of schools programs, and can readily customize your pages to feature what you want to display. All you need to do is take the first step.